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Starting an online store that works optimally from a functional and technical point of view requires a series of steps that range from the ideal configuration of domain records for the correct treatment of store emails, to the perfect setting of caching technologies, memory and processing to ensure the best user experience.

This service offers the possibility of doing all this in just one click!

Additionally, you will get free access to the installation and support of all my current and future Magento modules offered here.

Optimize the start of your Magento store and let's work together to get your project to market quickly and efficiently!

Technical Specifications

To host the store it is generated an scalable virtual machine with -> vCPUs: 4 - RAM: 8GB - SSD: 80GB.

This virtual machine is integrated and optimized with the following technologies:


Special Price $70.00 Regular Price $100.00

This service is paid in the form of a monthly subscription. The detailed price consists of the monthly amount and includes support and maintenance of the store and installed Magento modules (fixes and adjustments for the correct behavior of your store). For any additional customization to the store, modules and/or business logic, do not hesitate to contact me to advance with the respective budget.

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